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Here at TMCweb, in Horsham, we provide responsive, mobile friendly websites for clients of all sizes. Due to the wonderful advances of technology with video calls and screen sharing / remote operation, you don’t even have to be local to Horsham. We can deliver what you need and work with you, even if you’re 3000 miles away.

We provide web design services no matter how small or large you are. From small business startups, right up to large multi site businesses. We often have offers for new business start-ups; we know every penny counts when your starting your business and a website can seem too expensive (follow us on facebook and twitter to be kept informed of our offers). Even if we don’t have any active offers, please still get in touch and we’ll provide you the best price we can.

Every website we create is unique and will receive the same care and attention to detail, no matter the size of the website. Your website is your link to your clients so it deserves the best we can offer.

We provide a whole range of online and web design services including Website design and development, E-commerce solutions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website hosting, Website updates (even to your existing site), Website management, Website security (SSL), and more.

Contact us today with your project needs and ideas, and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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Website Services

Web Design

Web TechnologiesThe world has changed so much in the last 15 years, where websites used to be mainly text based and internet connections were slow, at best, and you had to listen to your modem making weird noises when you tried to connect. Now we can enjoy unlimited browsing, at home or out and about, and websites can be informative, fun and interactive.

At TMCweb we believe all websites should be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and find the information or item you are looking for, and be fully responsive to work across all media types.

We know that if your customers / clients can’t find what they are looking for on your site quickly and easily, they’ll go elsewhere. You do not want that to be the case for your website and neither do we.

Websites designed by TMCweb are fully tested before release to avoid any negative user experiences. They are designed with customer satisfaction in mind, but also usability, as we believe this is vital to converting ‘browsers’ into repeat customers and visitors.


E-Commerce SolutionsWe offer E-commerce solutions for your website.

E-commerce takes your business and products online and makes them available all day, every day, removing the need for you to be available to complete every sale. That’s great news because all the extra time you now have from having to reply to e-mails and sales queries can now be spent completing all the extra orders that the new E-commerce website is creating for you.

We even show you how you can add your own products, alter what you have available and create your own special offers.

Responsive Design

Responsive layouts With so many different media options now available to browse the internet, from the tradition PC to tablets, phones and even TV’s it is vital that your website looks great on all of them. This is where responsive (also referred to as mobile friendly) design comes in. We take care when building our websites to ensure that they look good and work on any screen size, this is done by having content that changes and adapts as the screen size alters. Responsive websites save you the need to have a dedicated ‘mobile’ version of your site, saving you money on initial site building and time in the future as updates only need to occur on one site.


No matter what your website, you’ll need a hosting platform. A hosting platform is where all the files reside that make up your website.

We provide a UK based, fast web hosting solution as part of our hosting packages. You can have unlimited storage and unlimited e-mail accounts. Our hosting service uses SSD storage which offers faster response times and quicker page load speeds. This all adds to your user experience, not to mention that this also helps improve your SEO rating.

With our hosting packages you will get the following benefits:

Web Hosting


  • 2+ Email addresses (2GB mail storage)
  • UK based fast hosting
  • Unlimited webspace
  • Optional SSL Security (with E-commerce options this comes as standard)
  • Linux based
  • CDN
  • dedicated service
  • Free domain renewals

Bespoke Design

Bespoke web design

Do you need something that isn’t run of the mill? We can offer bespoke design, web based solutions for you.

We can custom build a Content Management System to meet your individual company needs, or create a simple one page solution. Create a multi-page questionnaire, or a simple holding page.

Do you need an existing site modified, expanded, or completely over hauled?

Maybe you haven’t even worked out what you do or do not need?

If so, get in touch and speak with us, use TMCweb to help you get some clarity from the fog of what’s possible.