Bespoke Web Design

Do you have a bespoke requirement. At TMCweb we have the knowledge and skill set to design more than just a website. You may want a custom built CMS or other management system.

We have many skill sets covered including: photography, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and many more.

Get in contact with us and let us know what you need and we will let you know if we can help.

See our Demo BMS (Business Management System) here (this is still currently being developed).

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I know which web design company to choose?

There are so many factors to choosing a web design company. That said one of the key factors is choosing one that you feel comfortable to talk to and ask questions to.

At TMCweb in Horsham we understand that you want someone that is approachable even for the little things, and we will always take the time to help you, and to explain in non technical terms.

Another important factor to choosing a website design company is to choose one that you like the designs of. If you loved classical music you wouldn’t ask a hip hop artist to writing your wedding march. The same is true for web designers, you are more likely to get the result you want from one that has a design style that you like.

Can I not create my own website?

Yes you can!

There are many free website builders out there like wix, squarespace, wordpress. A couple of things to think about before venturing down this route: Can I spare the time to create the result I want. What limitations are there to the free sites, and how much will it cost me in the long run. Can I achieve the result I want

If you have a full time business it is often cost effective to use a web design company to create your site so that you can continue providing a chargeable service to your clients.

How much do your websites cost?

You can find our website design package costs here for a rough guide. Most websites fall under the ‘custom’ tag though and will  be priced in accordance to the requirements of the site. This often works out in your favour.

How long until my website is live?

The  timescale of a project has many factors. The complexity of the site, the urgency of the site, how involved you wish to be in the design of the site. Simple websites can be completed in a few days, where as larger more complex sites can take months.

We will produce a plan with dates and timescales, for each stage of the project, based on your needs and agreed with you.

How does payment work?

We ask for a 20% deposit when  you accept the quote and say you wish to proceed.

We will then create a template(s) for approval and your comments. Once we have received your feedback, and both parties to continue with a design, we will then create an overview of the complete site

There is then a payment of 40% once the site is submitted to you for approval.

We will then test the site fully. Once testing is complete there is a chance for final minor alterations along with a 30% payment.

The last 10% is then due once the site is live.

What’s the next steps?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with us and let us know that you are interested in finding out more. We will listen to your needs, what you want, and we can then give you a no obligation quote.