We enjoyed working with Ian to build Revived UPVC.
The design brief was true to the word, brief, but this gave us a relatively blank canvas to work from which was refreshing. One part of the requirements was ‘maybe some neon colours’. So as always we aimed to produce a website to meet the desires of our client. Neon yellow was used in the initial design which then developed into using neon pink too.
The client was very responsive, just like the website, in providing quick feedback and decisions, which helped keep the duration of the website design to just a few days and the website was launched within a week.

TMCweb designed the logo for this project. The logo design relatively simple but effective, and stands out wherever it is used, including on display boards and sign company vehicles.

  • Single Page site
  • Services
  • Reviews
  • Responsive
  • Contact Form
  • CMS
  • Logo Design